Mister Smith & His Adventures


screenshot1Welcome to the adventures of Mister Smith, where you get to boss Mister Smith’s life!

Mister Smith & His Adventures presents interactive comedy stories to play. You make the decisions! You affect the storyline! It’s not even complicated. You’re presented with four options, you choose one and see the (often hilarious!) consequences of your decision.

Oh, I haven’t mentioned quizzes. Well … there’s quizzes! Everybody loves a quiz!

screenshot2Let’s get to something else everybody loves. Bullet points …

  • Mister Smith & His Adventures is easy to pick up, play and laugh with (in appropriate situations – do not read at somebody’s funeral, unless you really didn’t like them)
  • Quizzes, did I mention them? Yes? Well, let’s move on to …
  • Updates, there’s much more content coming soon. Like The XY-Men which is a spoof of, no, I’m not telling you! You’ll never guess!
  • I don’t think I need this bullet point, so …

If you like to laugh, and who doesn’t?, then I give you a 100% guarantee that there is a 42% chance that you will find Mister Smith & His Adventures 24.456% hilarious. Remember, I said this is an actual guarantee!*

* legal disclaimer, this is not an actual guarantee.

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