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me-pointyHello. My name is Steven McDade and I write comedy, although that is a matter of opinion.

I’ve been writing TV comedy scripts and a couple of them were close to being optioned. I had a show pitched for the radio too.

I had meetings with some TV producers in the UK, but at this point my work hasn’t quite crossed the line to allow for fame, fortune, adulation or comedy legend status.

Not wanting to give up on the dream (and the chance of groupies) I decided to write a comedy game (even though I didn’t know a programming language) that would allow my jokes to find an audience.


That game’s name is Mister Smith & His Adventures, it costs you FREE pounds or dollars, and it’s available on iPhone and iPad.

Other devices like Android and maybe Windows Phone are to follow (once I work out how to do it!). Blackberry users don’t hold your breath (and buy a new phone … it’s not 2008).

Mister Smith is an uplifting multiple choice comedy game to be enjoyed by gamers and not-usually gamers alike.

It’s perfect for a five minute quickie on the bus (please stop smirking!).

While you’re here, you could also have a look at Dramatics, my no-budget, no-experience, sitcom pilot. I did that without knowing what I was doing as well :)

Enjoy your visit and please get in touch. I like feedback. And crisps. I shall be in dreamland if I’m reading your feedback, while eating some crisps …

All the best (and lots of love),