Filmed April / May 2011

About Dramatics

In 2011 a group of people got together to create the pilot episode of a comedy, which I chose to call Dramatics.

They were mostly strangers at the start of the project, and when filming ended a couple of months later, the experience of the production resulted in them becoming mostly strangers.

Together this team created what could only be described as a video, and that “video” can be seen here. Watch it for free! Or pay! It’s up to you!

FROM Script To SMALL Screen

You know how you have ambitions that you keep postponing? Well, that was my writing/performing dream.

I wrote a sitcom script, The Drama Club, circa 2003, which revolved around the antics at a drama club. The Drama Club was only the second script I had ever written and my first comedy. The only other thing I wrote was a serial killer flick, oh yeah!

All the excitement of printing out The Drama Club pages pretty much stopped me writing until 2011 when I rewrote The Drama Club as Dramatics, and it gained the storyline about a former child soap star who finds himself at a drama club with no ideas or audience.

Although I had been acting and directing at amateur drama clubs (Dramatics is based on my real experiences) I wanted to produce something I had written, so I decided not to wait any longer and went about filming Dramatics.

So, with a group of five volunteers/friends willing to do it for nothing, I embarked on creating a TV show pilot with ZERO experience of creating video and ZERO money.

Dramatics, as seen above, is what we came up with and I hope that you enjoy it.

The Dramatics Players


These fine people gave up their time free of charge in the hope of finding fame. They are still very much looking …

robertgrice1-300x300Robert Grice plays Tom
I know Robert from time spent with the Apex Players in Cumbernauld, where he serves as actor, director and general good guy. Tom is the chairman of the Castle Slope Amateur Performers Drama Club, and is always ready with a corny joke or four.

gillianmckenzie1-300x300Gillian McKenzie plays Annabel
A former work colleague of my better half, Gillian found out she was pregnant on the day of our premiere (no connection to filming). Gillian now has a handsome boy named Aaron. Annabel is Tom’s wife, the “first” lady of the drama club, and is always supportive of a good, or bad, idea.

stevenmcdade1-300x300Steven McDade plays Ewan
I’m me, the writer, editor, producer, director and website maker extraordinaire. I’m writing this, so I can big myself up. A former child soap star, Ewan has been a naughty boy in public and has been sentenced to endure an amateur drama club life.

briansmith-300x300Brian Smith plays Dave
Another former drama club friend from days at Alman in Alloa, Brian is also a former work colleague of the two Gillians. Ours is a small world. No nonsense Dave is willing to stage a show any way it can done, regardless of how ridiculous the idea may sound.

gillianhardisty-300x300Gillian Hardisty plays Hailey
My better half, Gillian comes up with most of the ideas and I just write them down. Well, that’s what she says anyway. Hailey believes in the group and thinks that they can do much better. It’s not always easy getting people to change their ways though!

gordonlang-300x300Gordon Lang plays Mike
Once again Gill dragged a work colleague in to our world, with Gordon getting his first taste of show business. He’s big time now, so doesn’t return our calls any more. A visitor (a guest star, more accurately) in the pilot episode of Dramatics, Mike will soon find himself involved in drama activities as the series goes on.