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Choices. Choices. Choices?

March 2, 2015


I've been thinking about free choice recently. Or, has somebody been making me think about free choice?

Pictured above is a flowchart. It has a photo filter to make it look more interesting, but that’s not working great. It’s still just a flowchart.

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Mister Smith has a publishing deal!

December 10, 2014


Today I signed a publishing deal with Ayopa Games, so Mister Smith has a brand new friend!

The track record of the Ayopa Games team is seriously impressive (Chillingo, Ubisoft, SEGA to name but a few) so it’s a real pleasure that they have decided to publish Mister Smith & His Adventures.

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Two down, one to go

November 13, 2014


So, we’ve been accepted by Apple (at the first attempt) and the Windows Phone Store is also in the bag.

Today, I’m working on bringing Mister Smith & His Adventures to Google Play, and it’s looking like plain sailing so far.

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Time to be reviewed

October 30, 2014


This is Gill and Me sitting at the laptop. Gill is pressing a button on a laptop. It has an i5 processor. I am digressing.

What’s more important is that button submits Mister Smith & His Adventures to get reviewed by technical people.