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Sorry, I’m Still Here!

October 2, 2015


The first update has taken a lot longer than I had intended ...

… but hopefully it’s going to be good.

I’ve just sent the new update to my publisher, so it’s not far away. It’s got to be tested by Apple as well, so I don’t have a release date but it’s upcoming!

What’s new then?

Well, there’s a new story, The XY-Men. There’s also a new quiz pack, Quiz Pack 4.

There’s no more blank screens, it’s smooth scrolling all the way. That took me a bit of time to implement, hence part of the delay.

I’ve previously mentioned you can now post your scores, so … you can post your scores!

Plus, it’s easier to get in touch with me. You can’t miss the ways to contact me via Twitter, Facebook and email.

I’m going to be doing more on-line, now I’ve got programming matters a little more settled, which will leave time for me to write content too!

I’ll update when I expect the update to hit the App Store :)

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