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September 11, 2015


This is how Mister Smith is changing and getting received.

It’s been a very nice week for feedback on Mister Smith & His Adventures, and I’m hoping to keep momentum building to get the word out :)

Yesterday I completed writing the new story, The XY-Men. It needs edited, graphics, etc, but I think it’s fun. Here’s hoping players of the game agree.

So far, people are liking the game and it’s rated 4.5 on the App Stores overall.

148 Apps gave it a 4/5 review and Trusted Reviews went one better (if I’m doing my fractions correctly) by awarding it 9/10!

Going forward I’m greedy, I want the game to be a big success so I’ll need people to talk about! That’s why in the next update you’ll be able to share scores from stories and quizzes.


I know, it’s such a basic feature I should have thought of this earlier, but this is my first game so give me a chance :)

I’m also writing a new Quiz Pack, tentatively entitled Quiz Pack 4.

I’m planning to submit the update to Apple in a couple of weeks, so you shouldn’t have to wait long to play it.

Thanks for popping by, that’s all for now. I’ll update either next week or the week after :)

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