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Introducing Mister Smith

July 10, 2015


I've teased. Now, hopefully, I've pleased. Thank me.

I don’t think you’ll have been able to miss the screenshots of Mister Smith & His Adventures above!

Until this point in time I’ve revealed so little. It’s quite possible you thought I wasn’t making a game at all, but watching daytime TV. I wasn’t, but I do have a lot of VHS tapes of daytime TV to work through.

Mister Smith is coming soon. I’m just programming the last bit of it. It’s got great comedy stories, with multiple choice decisions, and quizzes for you to enjoy. It’s a game everybody will enjoy and it’ll launch first on iOS devices. Android will follow. You know how slow Androids can be. Windows Phone hopefully too (notice how non-committal I am about that).

I’ll bring you more news very soon. I’ll be updating this blog more regularly too. I’ve wrote those as to-dos on a Post-it note, so I’m sure to do it :)

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