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Non-coder adventures in coding part 2

April 27, 2015


If anything is going to show that I am inexperienced, then it has got to be this.

Although I’ve come a long way with the coding of Mister Smith & His Adventures, I’m going to re-write it from scratch. Wait! What? Yes, I’m starting over.

This might sound insane and, yes, it’s insane. Why would I do this? Well, in a previous post I wrote I was programming Mister Smith using GameMaker:Studio. I had bought a very expensive license to do so. I had learned GameMaker as much as I needed to. There was no need learning how to use gamepads or such, as that wouldn’t be needed, but I could get by. It’s a very decent piece of software.

But … it doesn’t suit. GameMaker works best with low resolution games.

Mister Smith is not a game that looks technical, It’s no Mass Effect 3 for certain. It’s a text adventure, for goodness sake, but it’s because of the text that makes this switch make sense. Assets.

Assets are plugins which allow the programmer (not that I’m a programmer) to access some pretty nifty features, quickly and cheaply. The development platform Unity 5 has loads of them, so that’s where I’m heading.


Unity has a text engine, Text Mesh Pro, which looks amazing and I want to use it! I won’t use any of its advanced features, but the text itself should look great and that’s what’s important.

It’s going to involve some work for some smooth pixels here and there, but I hope it will be worth it :)

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